Shaqued Morag is the leader of Peace Now

Shaqued Morag, the dynamic young leader of the Peace Now movement in Israel is coming to Canada mid-May on a three-city speaking tour. Her talk is titled: “Fighting annexation, saving the two-state vision: grassroots activism to avert the abyss.” Shaqued will be  in Montreal on May 14, in Ottawa on May 15 and in Toronto on May 16.

No one who cares about Israel’s future and prospects for peace with the Palestinians will want to miss these events. Shaqued’s topic reflects an ominous new reality in Israel in the wake of Netanyahu’s re-election and an invigorated extreme right. In the campaign Netanyahu promised to extend Jewish sovereignty over all West Bank settlements and to never evict a single settler. This would amount to annexing the West Bank, imposing permanent Israeli rule over millions of disenfranchised Palestinians, and killing the two-state solution along with Israel’s right to call itself a   democracy.

The head of Israel’s premier peace movement will speak about mobilizing and re-energizing the peace camp, building alliances and sounding the alarm bells over annexationist trends. She will outline her plans to change hearts and minds in Israel in the face of a hostile government’s attempts to suppress to critical voices. She will also address the question often posed by naysayers on both the left and the right: Is it too late for a two-state solution?

Shaqued Morag is clear-thinking, strategic, articulate and inspiring. Though only 34, she packs a wealth of experience as an organizer and speaker. She’s been the executive director of Peace Now since July 2018, chosen for her leadership skills and activist credentials. Prior to that she was a parliamentary advisor and then the Chief of Staff with Meretz, Israel’s progressive, social democratic party. She has also made her mark in women’s rights and anti-poverty organizations. Since taking the helm of Peace Now, Shaqued has used her parliamentary knowledge to better communicate with Knesset members of all parties and to improve outreach to the Israeli public, especially youth.

Shaqued describes herself as a ninth-generation Israeli who cares deeply about her country and worries about its future, which is why she is so committed to working for peace. She holds a B.A. in Philosophy and an M.A. in Public Policy.

Shaqued is eager to tell Canadians about how progressive Israelis are fighting back against right-wing annexationist forces and about why the two-state option must not be abandoned. Mark your calendars for May 14 in Montreal, May 15 in Ottawa and May 16 in Toronto.