Land of Outposts in Samaria — a guided virtual tour

followed by a Q&A with Peace Now’s Brian Reeves

Took place March 14, 2021, 1:00 pm ET

Your expert guide is Shabtay Bendet, Head of the Settlement Watch team at Peace Now. Shabtay will show you how the settler enterprise is spreading across the West Bank. You’ll see how new roads, industrial zones, cultural, medical and education centres, along with settlements themselves, serve to “normalize” the occupation and erase the Green Line. Shabtay explains why all this is anything but normal, and the implications for the two-state solution.

The video was produced with Canadian Friends of Peace Now funds and used for educational outreach among Israeli youth. Our showing will be the Canadian premiere. Hebrew, with English subtitles.

Brian Reeves

Following the video, Brian Reeves, Director of Development and External Relations at Peace Now, answered audience questions. Brian has been a senior member of the Peace Now team for three years. Previously, he was a Senior Research Assistant at the Brookings Institute’s Center for Middle East Policy.

Aftershow Q&A with Brian Reeves, Director of Development and External Relations for Peace Now