The peace agenda in Israel and challenges and prospects for the future

with Dana Mills
Director of Development and External Relations, Shalom Achshav

Took Place October 31, 2021

Has anything changed on the peace front since the advent of the Bennett government? What are Peace Now’s current priorities? How can the peace camp make a difference? Dana Mills updates us on Shalom Achshav’s challenges, opportunities and activities over the past year. Her overview includes the campaign against Jerusalem home evictions, partially funded by CFPN. Presentation followed by audience Q & A.

Dana Mills joined Shalom Achshav in 1995 and spent her high school years as a youth activist in the movement. After pursuing two political science degrees at Tel Aviv University, she received her DPhil from the University of Oxford in 2014. Dana is the author of Dance and Politics: moving beyond Boundaries (2016); Rosa Luxemburg (2020) and Dance and Activism (2020). In March 2021 she returned to Shalom Achshav to take on the position of Director of Development and External Relations.