Once more the battle for Israel’s soul

Crazy times! A new round of Israeli elections is slated for September 17 because Benjamin Netanyahu was unable to cobble together a coalition. This despite his willingness to “sell his soul and that of the country,” as one commentator put it, in exchange for immunity from prosecution on corruption charges.

The last campaign and the recent horsetrading exposed great dangers to Israel’s democracy and moral fibre. The attempted coalition would have been based on a commitment to: annex the West Bank, hamstring the Supreme Court, undermine of the rule of law (by granting Bibi his coveted immunity), and hand cabinet seats to unabashed extremists, among other outrages. We shed no tears that this shameful business failed.

But will anything change come September? Will the left be able to pull together better? Will the right gain traction instead? Or will the country once again be deadlocked because of deep divisions within the electorate? One thing is sure: the new round will be even more of a test of Netanyahu’s credibility among voters than the last.

Over the coming long, hot summer, Peace Now will once again be working hard for peace and democracy. In the media, on campuses, on the streets, its activists will be telling their fellow Israelis that occupation comes at a huge price. That annexation will mark the end of the true Zionist dream. That democratic institutions are imperilled. And that the status quo is very bad for Israel’s long-term security.

They aren’t alone in this assessment. A new scientific study shows that 85 percent of Israel’s leading retired generals, spymasters and senior security experts support a peace agreement based on the establishment of an independent Palestinian state living side-by-side with Israel in peace and security. To learn more about the study listen to this podcast by Americans for Peace Now: PeaceCast: Near Consensus

We are proud to support Peace Now in its brave and important work. We will again be providing funds for fellowships that enable student leaders to bring the peace and democracy message to other youth. We hope you will help us with your tax-deductible donation. Peace Now doesn’t have the deep pockets that exist on the right. But by stretching every dollar and by the passion of its people, Peace Now makes an impact.

Thank you,

The Board of Canadian Friends of Peace Now