In a resolution published last week, North America’s Reform movement, including its Canadian branch, spoke out strongly against Israel’s unilateral West Bank annexation plans. The resolution, adopted by the Union for Reform Judaism and the Central Conference of American Rabbis urges the Israeli government to not to go ahead with annexation.

This five-page resolution is far more detailed than the letter signed by prominent Canadian Jews and sponsored last week by Canadian Friends of Peace Now (in conjunction with the New Israel Fund of Canada and JSpaceCanada). But its essence is the same: that unilateral annexation would harm both the Israeli and Palestinian peoples and jeopardizes the two-state solution.

Canadian Friends of Peace Now is very pleased that North America’s largest Jewish religious movement shares our alarm about annexation and is speaking out.

The eight-point resolution is not merely a statement of principles but a call to action. Among other things, the document urges rabbis, congregants, Jewish leaders, Jewish and non-Jewish organizations and others “to publicly oppose any efforts toward unilateral annexation.” It calls on “Israel’s supporters in the U.S. Congress and Canadian Parliament, past and present, to speak out against annexation and to clearly highlight its dangers for the U.S., Canada and Israel.”

It is unusual, and perhaps unprecedented, for the entire North American Reform movement to so strongly and publicly oppose Israeli government policy. The action attests to the depth of the movement’s concern.

Read the Reform movement resolution here: