Dear friend,
Last spring, we received valuable input from you, our supporters, when we asked for help in identifying candidates to nominate for the Toronto board of Canadian Friends of Peace Now. As a result, we were pleased to be able to name two new members to the board: Joshua Cox and Saul Ship.
So we’re asking for your feedback again.
We’ve had a lot of participation in our events over the past several years, but there is a gap. We have not attracted enough of the next generation of activists and supporters. We know there is potential because a number of young people were enthusiastic about meeting Shalom Achshav’s Executive Director, Shaqued Morag, when she visited Toronto last spring. But we have to do more to sustain their interest.
We need your help to identify programs and activities that could broaden our base by appealing to Gen Xers and millennials. In the past, we brought in speakers, arranged “parlour” discussions, had a reception for the director and cast of Oslo (in Toronto), shown films, and partnered with like-minded organizations such as J-Space and the New Israel Fund of Canada
We would like our members’ input as we plan for the coming year. Please tell us what types of activities you would value and if you have any specific suggestions. And especially, please let us know what you believe would attract young adults. Perhaps, those of you who have children, grandchildren or younger friends could consult with them.

Thank you for all that you do.
The Board of Canadian Friends of Peace Now