Dear friend,
We are urging our supporters, and all Jews who value a democratic Israel, to write to the Israeli ambassador to Canada and protest the new travel ban legislation. A proposed letter is below, but you can put the concerns expressed into your own words. Our recent statement on the travel ban is also appended below as background. We also urge you to share our statement and proposed letter as widely as possible.
We hope you will join us in this important campaign.
Thank you,
Canadian Friends of Peace Now
To: Ambassador Nimrod Barkan
Embassy of Israel in Canada
50 O’Connor St.
Ottawa, ON K1P 6L2
Dear Ambassador Barkan,
I’m writing to register my concern about the erosion of democratic principles in Israel. The recently passed law to deny entry into Israel to individuals based on their views is a clear attempt to punish political speech. A healthy democracy tolerates dissent and does not apply such political litmus tests at its borders. The new law violates the vision set out in Israel’s Declaration of Independence, which vowed the nation would guarantee, among other things, freedom of conscience. 
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To email this letter to the ambassador, go to the embassy’s web siteHERE and fill out “Contact us” form.
Background information: Canadian Friends of Peace Now statement on the travel ban
Israel’s new travel ban is neither Jewish nor democratic
Canadian Friends of Peace Now strongly condemns the new Israeli legislation, adopted March 6 by the Knesset, that bans entry to foreign nationals who support or publicly engage in boycotts of either Israel or West Bank settlements.
Anyone who values freedom of expression – whether he or she agrees with boycotts or not – should be appalled by this law. Especially disturbing is that it applies equally to those who advocate a blanket boycott of Israel and those who restrict their actions to settlement products. There are staunch friends of Israel, including many Jews, who believe a settlement boycott is a necessary means to push for a two-state solution. Whether they are right or wrong is not the issue. To bar their entry is both draconian and foolish, sending the message that Israel cannot tolerate dissent and strengthening the hand of those who truly seek the demise of the Jewish state.
As our parent organization, Shalom Achshav/Peace Now says:
“The law ….is neither Jewish nor democratic….Through this law the Bennetyahu government will not prevent boycott but, rather, deteriorate Israel’s international standing and lead Israel towards international isolation.”