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Message from Shaqued Morag, Executive Director Peace Now

Dear CFPN supporter, My name is Shaqued Morag, and I accepted the directorship of Shalom Achshav about 18 months ago. I appreciate this opportunity to communicate directly with you. Between Benjamin Netanyahu's peace-rejectionism and his government's moves towards annexation, the extreme- right settlers' acts of violence and vandalism, and the Trump administration's anti-peace policies, the beginning of the past year

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par David Cohen, ancien haut fonctionnaire et membre du comité exécutif de la Paix maintenant La décision de l’administration Trump de ne plus considérer les implantations comme illégales change-t-elle la donne politique sur le statut des colonies israéliennes ? Selon le Secrétaire d’État américain, Mike Pompeo, l’établissement de colonies israéliennes en Cisjordanie « n’est pas en soi contraire au droit

November 24th, 2019|Categories: Home|

CFPN applauds Canada’s UN message on two-state solution

 We commend the Canadian government for sending a message on the urgent need to save the two-state solution through its recent UN vote on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Reversing a decade-long voting pattern, on November 19 Canada supported a UN motion on the right of the Palestinians to self-determination. The resolution makes clear reference to the two-state solution, the right of

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New U.S. statement on settlements undermines peace

Canadian Friends of Peace Now joins its sister organizations in Israel and the U.S. in condemning the statement on West Bank Jewish settlements by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Reversing a long-standing American position, Pompeo said "settlements are not per se illegal under international law." However, Peace Now says: "No declaration will change the fact that the settlements were

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JSpace Conference 2019

Dear friends, There's still time to register for the J-Space conference this weekend (JSpace Conference 2019), Nov. 2-3, so do come if you can. CFPN supporters can get a discount. Go to the registration page Register Here, click on the green prompt for “tickets,” go to the “members” box at the top, click on the blue words “enter promo code”

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We’d like your feedback

Dear friend, Last spring, we received valuable input from you, our supporters, when we asked for help in identifying candidates to nominate for the Toronto board of Canadian Friends of Peace Now. As a result, we were pleased to be able to name two new members to the board: Joshua Cox and Saul Ship. So we’re asking for your feedback

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Why I am still alive: Peace Now’s thought provoking video

Last spring, Peace Now released a video about how the Egyptian-Israeli peace agreement has held for 40 years, saved countless lives and was an example of how land-for-peace has been a success. The message: peace with Palestinians is also worth seeking. The video, featuring a popular Israeli actor, was viewed over one million times, a sign that it struck a

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À la suite de la controverse déclenchée par le voyage manqué des élues américaines Rashida Tlaib et Ilhan Omar dans les territoires palestiniens occupés, il est utile d’en analyser les conséquences politiques, et qui pourrait gagner et perdre à la suite de cette saga. LES GAGNANTS Le mouvement BDS (boycottage, désinvestissement et sanctions) pourrait voir sa notoriété croître aux États-Unis,

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What if they held an election and nobody won? By Simon Rosenblum*

  The deadline for mergers/coalitions and party lists has passed, so we now know the lineup for Israel's September 17 do-over election. There will likely be nine groupings in the next Knesset - fewer than usual! The so-called mergers are really like-minded parties coming together in coalition so as to better their chances of obtaining the minimum votes required to

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La Cour fédérale a visé juste sur l’étiquetage des produits des colonies de peuplement

Les Amis canadiens de la paix maintenant estiment qu'une décision récente d'un tribunal sur l'étiquetage des produits des colonies de peuplement au Canada est raisonnable et juste. La Cour fédérale du Canada a statué que les vins fabriqués et mis en bouteille en Cisjordanie ne devraient pas être étiquetés comme «produit d'Israël». Pour ce faire, la décision est "fausse, trompeuse

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Federal Court got it right on settlement product labelling

Canadian Friends of Peace Now considers a recent court decision on the labelling of settlement products in Canada to be reasonable and just. The Federal Court of Canada ruled that wines made and bottled in the West Bank should not be labelled as “Product of Israel.” To do so, the ruling stated, is “false, misleading and deceptive,” and therefore contravenes

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Hypocrisy Revealed: Peace Now exposes spike in unauthorized settlements

This week, Israel's double standard regarding settlers and Palestinians was on full display. On July 22, Peace Now released a bombshell reportexposing how new illegal settler outposts have mushroomed across the West Bank in recent years, mostly with direct or tacit government support. The same day, Israeli authorities began to demolish Palestinian homes deemed illegal in an East Jerusalem neighbourhood.

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Audio interview with the CEO of Israel’s Peace Now Shaqued Morag

Shaqued Morag - CEO of Israel's Peace Now Shaqued Morag is clear-thinking, strategic, articulate and inspiring. Though only 34, she packs a wealth of experience as an organizer and speaker. She's been the executive director of Peace Now since July 2018, chosen for her leadership skills and activist credentials. Prior to that she was a parliamentary advisor and

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Israeli education minister backtracks twice – but one more to go

Canadian Friends of Peace Now is appalled, though not shocked, at statements made by Israeli Education Minister Rafi Peretz during a television interview on July 13. The minister gave unabashed support for apartheid. He said he wanted to see Israeli sovereignty imposed over all of "Judea and Samaria," i.e. the West Bank, and when pressed about voting rights for Palestinians,

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The Heart to Heart foundation brings young Palestinian and Jewish citizens of Israel together in a Canadian summer camp

The Heart to Heart foundation brings young Palestinian and Jewish citizens of Israel together in a Canadian summer camp experience to foster dialogue, understanding and leadership skills. The general public will have a chance to meet the latest cohort at the July 24 community reception. HEART TO HEART AND THE 2019 DELEGATION INVITE YOU TO... FINDING COMMON GROUND COMMUNITY RECEPTION

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Sledgehammer diplomacy

Silwan tunnel undermines two-state solution On Sunday, June 30, Peace Now activists protested the inauguration of a new archeological tourist site dug under Palestinian homes in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Silwan. The site is a tunnel exposing an ancient pathway from the Pool of Siloam to the Temple Mount and was purportedly used by Jews of antiquity ascending to

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Electoral impasse in Israel: What’s next? by Simon Rosenblum*

On April 9, the slogan "Bibi, King of Israel" seemed right on the mark. That's when Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud and the far-right parties won a clear majority of Knesset seats (65 out of 120) and Netanyahu declared "a great victory." Yet here we are once more, headed into new fall elections. What happened, in retrospect, is easy to describe, but

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Once more the battle for Israel’s soul

Once more the battle for Israel's soul Crazy times! A new round of Israeli elections is slated for September 17 because Benjamin Netanyahu was unable to cobble together a coalition. This despite his willingness to "sell his soul and that of the country," as one commentator put it, in exchange for immunity from prosecution on corruption charges. The last campaign

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Shaqued Morag speaking tour – 7 take-aways

Shaqued Morag, leader of Israel's Peace Now movement, visited Canada May 13-19, to speak in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto, about the urgency for Israel to change course. Here are some of the highlights of her talks.     Original Zionist vision being eroded   Israel's 1948 Declaration of Independence envisions a democratic Jewish state with equality for all

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