Dear Friends,
Last week we sent out a notice urging you to protest Israel’s new travel ban through a letter or an email to the Israeli ambassador to Canada. We have since discovered that the embassy does not make it very simple to receive such feedback by email. The “Contact Us” page consists of a form, with a space for your message. But this message has to be no more than 250 characters. Also, the form does accept certain characters, including apostrophes. We therefore provide below a very brief message that you can use and that still makes the point.
Thank you for your patience and persistence.
 Gabriella Goliger
for Canadian Friends of Peace Now
Israel’s travel ban violates its founding values, including a guarantee of freedom of conscience. A healthy democracy tolerates dissent. The ban will not get rid of boycotts. It will alienate more people, many Jews among them. A bad and foolish law.
To email this letter to the ambassador, go to the embassy’s web site HERE and fill out “Contact us” form.