What if they held an election and nobody won? By Simon Rosenblum*

  The deadline for mergers/coalitions and party lists has passed, so we now know the lineup for Israel's September 17

Federal Court got it right on settlement product labelling

Canadian Friends of Peace Now considers a recent court decision on the labelling of settlement products in Canada to be

Hypocrisy Revealed: Peace Now exposes spike in unauthorized settlements

This week, Israel's double standard regarding settlers and Palestinians was on full display. On July 22, Peace Now released a

Audio interview with the CEO of Israel’s Peace Now Shaqued Morag

Shaqued Morag - CEO of Israel's Peace Now Shaqued Morag is clear-thinking, strategic, articulate and inspiring. Though only

Israeli education minister backtracks twice – but one more to go

Canadian Friends of Peace Now is appalled, though not shocked, at statements made by Israeli Education Minister Rafi Peretz during

Sledgehammer diplomacy

Silwan tunnel undermines two-state solution On Sunday, June 30, Peace Now activists protested the inauguration of a new archeological tourist

Electoral impasse in Israel: What’s next? by Simon Rosenblum*

On April 9, the slogan "Bibi, King of Israel" seemed right on the mark. That's when Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud and

Once more the battle for Israel’s soul

Once more the battle for Israel's soul Crazy times! A new round of Israeli elections is slated for September 17

Shaqued Morag speaking tour – 7 take-aways

Shaqued Morag, leader of Israel's Peace Now movement, visited Canada May 13-19, to speak in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto,

Some thoughts on Yom HaZikaron and Yom Ha’Atzma’ut

Today - Yom HaZikaron - is a day of solemn remembrance for Israel. It is a time to commemorate the