“The importance of [Peace Now’s] Settlement Watch work cannot be exaggerated”

Dennis Ross, Chief U.S. Middle East Negotiator, 1997

Peace Now’s Settlement Watch Program monitors and protests the building of Jewish enclaves beyond the 1967 borders of Israel. The project’s aerial and ground data are regarded as an authoritative source of information by the public, the media, and foreign governments. Shalom Achshav contends that continued occupation and settlement building in the Palestinian territories damages the entire fabric of Israeli society.

Shalom Achshav holds regular demonstrations to protest encroachments on Palestinian lands, the demolition of Palestinian homes, incitement against progressive organizations, and unjust laws and policies. Shalom Achshav’s responses promote awareness and democratic debate over Israeli actions that undermine international conventions on human rights.

Shalom Achshav engages Israeli high school and university students through seminars, online dialogue projects, workshops and more.

Shalom Achshav delivers educational activities on behalf of CFPN such as conferences, discussions and panels.