June 18, 2020

The Right Hon. Justin Trudeau
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

We are a diverse group of Canadian Jews and long-time supporters of Israel who share a deep concern about the current Israeli government’s intention to unilaterally annex parts of the West Bank.

Unilateral annexation of almost any magnitude, unless reversed, would make it impossible to achieve an eventual resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through a two-state solution.

Whether on a large or even on a smaller scale, annexation would block the possibility of a contiguous, viable Palestinian state, would create new hardships for the Palestinians and institute new violations of their human rights. Any form of West Bank annexation would signal that Israel is uninterested in a negotiated solution. And it would be very difficult for a future government to reverse.

An annexation agenda assails not only Palestinian rights and national aspirations but also Israel’s founding values as outlined in its Declaration of Independence. Illegal under international law, unilateral annexation could provoke a new cycle of violence, lead to the collapse of the Palestinian Authority, jeopardize peace treaties with Jordan and Egypt, undermine Israel’s security and further destabilize the region.

We support the Government of Canada’s long-standing policy of support for a negotiated two-state solution that upholds the right of both peoples – Jews and Palestinians — to self determination and to live in peace and security. We are encouraged that all Canadian political parties have re-affirmed their commitment to the two-state solution. We urge our government to speak out strongly against a unilateral annexation agenda that is unwise, unjust, and dangerous to peace in the Middle East.


Prof. Emanuel Adler

Jon Allen, Former Canadian Ambassador to Israel

Paul Axelrod, Professor Emeritus, Former Dean, Faculty of Education, York University

David Berson, Chair, Ameinu Canada

Dr. Frank Bialystok

Prof. Michael Brecher, Political Science, McGill University

Rabbi Harry Brechner, Congregation Emanu-El, Victoria

Dr. David B. Brooks, International Development Research Centre (ret)

Prof. Robert Brym, FRSC, University of Toronto

Neil Caplan, Author, Teacher (ret)

Prof. Yolande Cohen, UQAM

Dr. Isser Dubinsky

Rabbi Ed Elkin, First Narayever Congregation

Rabbi Larry Englander, CM, Rabbi Emeritus, Solel Congregation

Howard Epstein, Former Nova Scotia MLA

Bernie M.  Farber, Former CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress Rabbi Baruch Friedman-Kohl, Rabbi Emeritus, Beth Tzedec Synagogue

Rabbi Steven Garten, Rabbi Emeritus Temple Israel, Ottawa

Dr. Nora Gold, Author

Karen Goldenberg, CM – Former CEO, Jewish Vocational Services

Gabriella Goliger, Author

Eti and Ken Greenberg, CM

Dr. Mark Greenberg, OC

Julius H. Grey, Human Rights Lawyer, Montreal

Rabbi Lisa Grushcow, Temple Emanu-El-Beth Shalom, Montreal

Dr. Barbara Landau – Co-Chair, Canadian Association of Jews and Muslims

Michelle Landsberg – Author and Journalist

Stephen Lewis – Former Canadian Ambassador to the UN

Rabbi Miriam Margles, Danforth Jewish Circle

Rabbi Dow Marmur, Rabbi Emeritus, Holy Blossom Temple

Prof. Henry Mintzberg, OC, QC, FRSC, Management Studies, McGill

Dr. Karen R. Mock, CM – Former CEO, Canadian Race Relations Foundation

Prof. Toby Morantz, Professor Emerita, McGill

Aubrey Morantz, Canadian diplomat (ret)

David Morantz, Biologist

Prof. Allan Moscovitch, Prof. Emeritus, School of Social Work, Carleton University

Erna Paris, CM, Author, Historian, Journalist

Prof. Derek Penslar, Professor Emeritus, FRSC, University of Toronto

Darrell Pink and Elizabeth Mullay, Halifax

Dr. Vivian M.  Rakoff, CM, Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto

Arlene Perly Rae, Journalist, Literary Critic, Author

Simon Rosenblum, Former spokesperson on Israel for Canadian Jewish Congress

Dr. Norman Rosenblum, Pediatric Nephrologist, University of Toronto

Rabbi Shalom Schacter, Former Interim Rabbi, Beth Tzedec

Leonard Schein

Prof. Stephen Scheinberg, Prof. Emeritus, Concordia University

Abigail Slater and Morry Guttman

Elaine Slater

Dr. Anita Small, Owner, Small Language Connections

Janet Solberg

Joseph Steiner, Past President, UJA Toronto

Rabbi Micah Streiffer

Prof. Mira Sucharov, Political Science, Carleton University

Prof. James Torczyner, School of Social Work, McGill University

Prof. Hesh Troper, University of Toronto

Morden Yolles, CM

Rabbi Cory Weiss, Temple Har Zion, Thornhill

Prof. Joyce Zemans, CM

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