CFPN hopeful on Iran Nuclear Accord

Canadian Friends of Peace Now is cautiously optimistic that the agreement signed between Iran and the US and five other major powers will curtail Iran’s nuclear arms ambitions.

Of course, it would be better for Israel’s security and for world peace if Iran’s entire nuclear program was stopped, but no mutual agreement could have achieved that end. What remains are hopefully verifiable nuclear controls for at least a decade. These, under the most pessimistic assessment, might allow a determinedly aggressive Iran to break out to nuclear weapons within a year. This is considerably better than the two-month break-out time that is estimated to currently exist without a deal.

The agreement does not address potential Iranian aid to Hezbollah, Hamas and other threats to Israel, for good reason.   A nuclear control agreement could not have become a kind of omnibus wish list. It can only be hoped that this first step may persuade Iran to be more cooperative but there are no guarantees. We call upon the world powers to develop strategies that will curtail Iranian adventurism in the Middle East.

Continued opposition to the deal from Prime Minister Netanyahu will serve no good purpose. CFPN urges future co-operation between the U.S. and Israel on the Iran file rather than more rancour, so as to ensure Israel some role in the nuclear deal’s implementation.

Israel’s Ha’aretz newspaper puts it well:

“Although Israel was not a partner to the negotiations, it cannot give up the role of watchdog that it has taken upon itself. At the same time, it must give a fair chance to Iran and the world powers to inaugurate a new path in their mutual relations.”

There is no good alternative to the Iran deal. Continued tough sanctions would have created hardship for the Iranians but would not have put the brakes on a regime determined to develop nuclear weapons and might, in fact, have had the opposite effect. The agreement offers some breathing space and some leverage. Not ideal, but not inconsiderable either.

Working to Stop The Establishment of a New Settlement

Yesterday, we organized a protest tour to the site by the El-Aroub refugee camp, where settlers are trying to erect a new settlement. Meretz Head Zehava Glaon, MK Omer Bar Lev (Zionist Camp), MK Mickey Rosenthal (Zionist Camp) and MK Tamar Zandberg (Meretz) joined the tour and spoke against this development. Click here for more information about the attempt to establish a new settlement and it’s implications.

The establishment of a new settlement outside of the “blocs” would be another proof that Israel does not want peace and would force a constant IDF presence by the El-Aroub refugee camp. While the settlers are trying to create facts on the ground and force the government and the IDF to succumb to them, the government has the power to stop this. Last week we sent a letter to the Minister of Defense demanding that he will not allow the establishment of a new settlement.

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